• This is our NFT special edition cigar. Buy purchasing this Box of 25 toro size Nicaragua Sun Grown triple capped wrapper Aged cigar. You get your very own Cigar Life NFT artwork that comes with a free class for beginners. The total value for both items are $600. Your getting them for half that amount.

    Cigar Life NFT special edition

    • 1. Flip Your NFT

      The most common method of making a profit from buying NFTs is to flip them. Generally, the process of flipping an NFT refers to buying an NFT and quickly selling it for a profit after the market increases in value.

      2. Short-term investing

      Rather than buying an NFT and instantly flipping it for a profit, you can try your hands at short-term investing. A short-term investment is considered to be selling an NFT within one year after buying it. The benefit of short-term investing