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True Gent Cigars
A Luxury Brand

Luxury Cigar line for Cigar Smokers that enjoy the finer things in life

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Brand Philosophy

True Gent Cigars is more than just a smoke - it's a refined indulgence for those who appreciate the finer things. We curate a collection of luxury cigars, meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of a true gentleman.


True Gent Cigars: A Refined Legacy for the Discerning Smoker

Founded by Eddie Green Sr., a man with a lifelong passion for the art of cigars, True Gent was born from a desire to elevate the experience. Our cigars are not just tobacco; they are meticulously crafted companions for those who appreciate the finer things. Each smoke embodies the essence of a true gentleman: sophistication, quality, and a deep appreciation for life's moments




Unwind and Unplug. A cigar offers a chance to slow down and de-stress. The act of smoking itself, taking 45 minutes to two hours, becomes a dedicated relaxation ritual. During this time, you can truly disconnect and unwind...




A Toast with Smoke:  Cigars aren't just for relaxation, they can elevate celebrations. Graduations, weddings, births, milestone birthdays, anniversaries – all become even more special when shared with a cigar. It's a chance to pause, light up with loved ones, and say, "Let's savor this moment, life is worth celebrating.



A Shared Passion: Light up a cigar, and you might just spark a conversation. Cigar enthusiasts are a friendly bunch, often eager to connect with fellow aficionados. Whether you're just relaxing together or geeking out over the perfect cut, there's a sense of community that comes with enjoying a good cigar

Best Sellers

True Gent Cigars has three types of cigars that comes in Toro & Robusto!


Cigar Smoking

There’s the relaxation. In the 45 minutes to two hours it takes to smoke a cigar, you can unplug and kick back. Those minutes shared between you and your cigar are your time to contemplate anything or nothing at all.

There’s the celebration.  A graduation. A wedding. A birth. A milestone birthday. An anniversary. Lighting up with family and friends is a perfect way to mark an occasion, to pause and say, “This life is worth celebrating.”

There’s the camaraderie. Take out a cigar and chances are you’ll find fellow lovers of the leaf. Whether it’s simply to hang out or to share the finer points of enjoying premium hand rolled cigars, cigar smokers are a friendly, social bunch.

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